Monday, March 7, 2016

Land Before Time: Friends Forever

This DVD has four episodes of the TV show, just like the others.

In The Mysterious Tooth Crisis, one of Chomper's teeth falls out. Mr. Three Horn appears and tells Chomper that he is going to die today. All his teeth will fall out, and he'll be a pile of bones before sunset. I thought that was really harsh of Mr. Three Horn. Like, he pops out of nowhere, tells a small child that they will die, then he wanders off.

Chomper freaks out and tries to find a way to fix his tooth. He searches all over for Ruby, and he almost falls off a cliff. He has to chose between saving his life, or holding onto his tooth. Then he falls in a swamp, where he has the exact same dilemma. In the end, he finds Ruby, and she tells Chomper that loosing teeth and growing new ones is normal for carnivores.

The subplot was Cera's stepmother trying to convince her to try out a mud pool. Cera doesn't like it at first, but she comes to enjoy it. Cera's voice actress was great in these scenes.

In The Missing Fast-Water Adventure, an earthquake shuts off the water supply, just like in the third movie. Only it's different, because this time, only the fast-water has been stopped! I've never heard of the fast-water before, but okay. The kids go to the source of the river, and they move the rocks/trees which have created a dam.

Once again, Mr. Three Horn causes problems, by making fun of Chomper's arms. I agree that T-Rex's have pretty useless arms, but this is two episodes in a row where Mr. Three Horn shows up, insults Chomper, then leaves. Does he hate Chomper, or what? Chomper spends the whole episode, feeling bad that he has tiny, useless arms. But at the very end, Chomper's arms save the day, as they need to grab something in a tiny hole.

The episode features the return of Mo, the dolphin character I didn't like, from the movie I didn't like. Speaking of movie characters returning for an episode of the TV show...

The Lone Dinosaur Returns. Doc from The Secret of Saurus Rock has returned, and Littlefoot fanboys over him. Littlefoot is a little disturbed that the "Lone Dinosaur" is looking for a lady friend. Sorry, Littlefoot, but even a lone hero likes the ladies. Meanwhile, Chomper worries that Doc has come to kill him. Doc doesn't like Chomper at first, but he tolerates him.

The two storylines collide, when Chomper helps find and save Doc's lady friend. Doc thanks him, and he goes off with the lady, after telling Littlefoot some vague words of wisdom. I don't have much to say here. I didn't think Doc was very interesting in his own movie, and he maintains the same level of non-interest here. I guess if you're a fan of westerns and dinosaurs, this is a crossover you'll like.

In The Legend of the Story Speakers, we learn that Grandpa used to be a traveling minstrel when he was younger, telling Longneck stories. One of his old friends, Saro, has appeared to convince Grandpa to resume his job. When Grandpa refuses, Saro throws a fit and leaves.

Chomper and Littlefoot chase after Saro. Chomper is getting a lot of screen time, isn't he? Saro stomps his feet down, like a little kid having a tantrum, which causes a landslide. He cheers the kids up with a story, and everyone decides Saro would be a great candidate for the storyteller job. It was a fine little mini-adventure, but I kept getting distracted by the fact that "Saro" is pronounced "Sorrow", and I kept thinking they were calling him sad. Grandpa's song in this episode, Remembering, was pretty good.

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