Wednesday, March 9, 2016

High School Musical 4

In the news, Disney has started casting for High School Musical 4! I wrote about this six years ago, and dang, this blog is old.

People seem surprised that the movie will not feature any members of the original cast, even though they are all ten years old now, and clearly not high schoolers anymore. Not that they were high school age when the first movies came out, but now it's even more obvious they're too old to be studying for the SATs.

My excitement level know what? I'm tired of being a Grumpy Gus! I'm going to say I'm excited! I'm not the target audience, but I will probably still enjoy it! I had fun, rewatching the entire trilogy two years ago with my wife!

...Yes, I forced her to watch the entire trilogy. In return, she made me watch the Terminator movies. We are disappointed that the next Terminator movie has been replaced with a Baywatch movie starring The Rock. We agree that Terminator Genysis wasn't as good as the first two movies, but it was still entertaining! We liked it, and would have watched more.

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