Thursday, March 24, 2016

General Hospital

General Hospital is being weird again.

Three years ago, they had a gruff detective character named John McBain. He was technically a character from One Life to Live, which resulted in legal complications, and they were forced to kick his character off the show.

They decided to remove him in style, and by that, I mean they decided to be weird. The actor got his start, playing a vampire in the 1990's. So they had him reprise the vampire villain character as part of a vampire slayer storyline. Both the vampire and the detective were killed in the epic battle.

Well, that was it for the character they were legally mandated to remove from the show, but they decided they liked the actor so much, they brought him back as a different character. He played Dr. Silas Clay for about two years, until he got fired. They officially killed off his character last August, and turned his death into a murder mystery storyline. Funny how soap opera characters tend to get killed whenever their actors are up for contract renegotiations...

The drama continues, as General Hospital has decided to hire that actor again. This means he's played FOUR IDENTICAL CHARACTERS, three of which were killed. People are already joking that he must be the undead vampire king, because whenever they kill off one of his characters, he eventually comes back.

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