Saturday, February 20, 2016

The California Bullet Train

I've been occasionally talking about the California Bullet Train for the past six years now. In 2008, California voters decided to build a super-fast train from Los Angeles to San Francisco, for ten billion dollars.

The estimated cost of the train is now sixty-four billion dollars, which a million dollars per mile? Needless to say, they're still trying to get funding for the project. For the record, California is about a trillion dollars in debt.

They started building last July, but not a lot of progress has been made. Which leads me to the most recent news! Since building in Southern California has been a nightmare, they're switch tracks and moving to Northern California. The plan is to have the train run from San Jose to Bakersfield, and it'll be running by 2025. Maybe.

We'll see what happens! Usually, when you have a big city like San Jose or Portland, you get a lot of commuters who live an hour or so away. That way, they're not IN the big city, so they have cheaper housing/prices, but they're still close enough to get a job in the big city. Maybe people from Bakersfield will do the same thing, if the train ride to SJ is short enough.

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Anonymous said...

I've been on the bullet trains in China, they're amazing! They're fast, super smooth, and environmentally friendly. The cost of the tickets are cheap as well given on how they're run without the use of fuel. Course it probably costs the government a lot of money to build, but it's a really amazing feat.