Friday, February 12, 2016

Tax Certification

Here's a followup to the life plans I posted last week. I got certified by the IRS as an advanced tax preparer. Specifically, I got certified through their VITA/TCE program. It took me about a month to read/absorb their huge tax law book, and a few days to finish the open book test.

As it turns out, my certification is not so useful! I'm certified to handle US tax law, but not state tax law. And the tax law certification course in my state is closed for the year, too bad, so sad. So...all that work might have been for nothing! Unless there's someone out there who only is filing with the federal government, and not their state?

Right now, it looks like the best I can do is volunteer for the tax site, as the front desk person, but not as a tax preparer. Darn. So much for using this as a springboard into a tax preparation job. If I still want to work at H&R Block, I'll have to try another route, like taking a ton of summer classes.

I'm going to keep my options open, if I can. I hear the IRS call center hires seasonal workers in spring, and I'm qualified for that! And the local Catholic church is hiring for a media coordinator, which also seems like a job I might be qualified for. In the meantime...I guess I'll keep delivering pizzas to help keep food on the table.

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Mary Alvin said...

Don't worry things will work out :)