Monday, February 8, 2016

Superbowl - Three Things

1. I forgot how many of my friends watch the Superbowl, just so they can gush over the commercials and the halftime show. I'm going to institute a new rule: if you post more than six times in a row about Beyoncé, your posting privileges are revoked.

I don't quite understand the mindset, behind getting excited for Superbowl commercials. Like, you're excited to have people advertise to you? Do you also show up an hour early to the movies, so you can watch commercials for sixty minutes straight? Do you skip over TV shows, just to see the commercial breaks? Granted, these are higher-quality commercials than normal, but still. I prefer my sports without commercial breaks.

My wife feels the same way. She says we might be overly sensitive to the matter, because a lot of kids' TV shows we have to watch are little more than 30-minute commercials for toys and merchandise. We're a bit commercial-ed out, going into the Superbowl.

2. I only got to watch the Superbowl for a little bit. I watched one play, where the quarterback fell down, got back and started running again. I complained, "Hey, why didn't they stop the play?!". Because aren't they supposed to stop the play when that happens? It's called the "taking a knee" rule or something.

There was a challenge on the play, and the referees agreed with me. That made me feel smart and knowledgeable about football.

Challenges in football seem kind of weird to me. The idea is that, if you think the referees have made a mistake, you can only call them out on it twice. Because referees can only make two mistakes per game? In hockey, there are unlimited challenges, but they really don't apply unless someone has (potentially) scored a point. In football, challenges can apply at any time whatsoever. So that's a difference.

3. The Superbowl was a busy day for deliveries yesterday. I worked from 5 to 8, and there were 20 deliveries! The game started at 3:30, so I'm guessing there were some deliveries before I showed up.

How many drivers were there? Just me. The manager doubled as Driver #2, and we took quadruple orders for the halftime rush. I ended up getting $400 in that shift, through all types of payment: scrip, cash, check, paid online, and the major credit cards. I've never gotten all five types in one shift before!


lence said...

You get a ''payment variety'' achievement

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the superbowl commercials is they play weeks before the actual superbowl. I see them in youtube ads and articles on "how controversial this superbowl ad is". What's the point of playing them at the superbowl now?