Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Star Wars

Is it okay for me to talk about the new Star Wars movie, without fear of spoiling it for everyone?

As I left the theater, the part of the movie that I was most interested in was the new Death Star. They explained that it was a planet/machine which more or less sucked in a nearby star, and converted it's energy into a large destructive beam capable of destroying multiple planets at once. The star is destroyed in the process.

Our heroes stop the machine, towards the end of the "sucking up the star" process. Instead of going back to its original spot, the star reforms right there, in the planet. The planet is destroyed as it gets replaced by a star. My reaction was, "Wow, that's so cool! They found a safe way to move a star by several million miles!".

What effect would that have on the solar system? It'd totally change things up, because the center of gravity moved. Imagine if our sun suddenly switched places with Jupiter. It'd be like that! And what if they interrupted the process, when it was halfway through? The system would have TWO suns, of equal size!

I dunno. I thought it was cool that the machine of destruction double as a star mover. I'm not sure why you would want to move a star, but it's a cool trick. That would have resulted in the destruction of planets, just as easily as the giant death ray. In fact, if destroying planets was the end goal, it might have been easier for them to build a simple sun mover.

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