Saturday, February 13, 2016

Secrets Can Kill Problems

I'm going to do an "Everything Wrong With" video for Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. Any suggestions? Here are some problems, off the top of my head. I'll come up with more, when I play the game.
  • Title screen says this is a role-playing mystery game, but it's not even CLOSE to being an RPG.
  • Nancy goes on vacation and accidentally uncovers a mystery cliche.
  • Police photographer starts by taking a picture, while facing the wrong direction.
  • Nancy's high school gives her a whole semester off, to visit her relatives. Seems excessive.
  • Nancy names the case before starting her investigation.
  • Pointless compass in the lower/left corner of the screen.
  • There are three difficulty settings in this game, but they only affect an optional puzzle.
  • Aunt Eloise deliberately hides things from Nancy. She must not like her very much.
  • "I need something to make this work." Nancy has apparently never used a TV before.
  • Scenery seems to indicate Aunt Eloise is married, but we never hear anything about the mystery uncle.
  • Morse code puzzle is tedious.
  • Aunt Eloise hides the key to her trunk, two feet from the trunk.
  • Did you know you can move up and down in every scene? Cool feature which does nothing.. According to the background art (connie's poster, students of the month, bulletin board with the hidden message "search below danger sign in kitchen"), this game takes place in May or July. Nobody finds it weird that Nancy is starting as a transfer student at the end of the year.
  • There are three separate menus at Maxine's Diner, and none of them match.
  • Cheeseburgers range from $14 to $24. Fourteen bucks for a cheeseburger? No wonder this place never has any customers!
  • The bolt cutters puzzle.
  • The police did not take anything out of Jake's locker, including the potentially dangerous knife.
  • Nancy spends most of the game solving random brainteasers written by psychic students who somehow knew the future.
  • None of the students of the month are young enough to be in high school.
  • Nancy cuts a hole through the window to break into the teacher's lounge. That's vandalism.
  • The school has a security team, which was on high alert during the night of the murder. Yet they didn't stop the murder.
  • Where was the security team, when Nancy broke the window to the teacher's lounge?
  • At 8:30 PM, Jake and the murderer leave the school. But Jake's body was found IN the school, which means they snuck back in, after being chased out by security. WHY?
  • Why does the murderer try to kill Nancy, with the boiler room puzzle? How does the murderer even know who she is? She's an undercover agent, and furthermore, she's never seen or talked to the murderer.
  • If you fail the puzzle, the entire school explodes. The murderer was willing to go very far, in order to kill Nancy.
  • Jake's VCR tape is in the school's vent system for no apparent reason.
  • In the book, Nancy makes out with Daryl Gray while watching this tape. They kept the tape, but not the makeout scene.
  • Maxine's Diner has Ned Mustard. 32 games later, this bottle is still the closest we've come to seeing Nancy's boyfriend onscreen.
  • Phone calls are pointless
  • Nancy is unable to speak in complete sentences.
  • There is a ladder, leading to an area below the boiler room. What is this ladder, and where does it go?
  • Jake's video shows Connie getting into her car. You'll notice that the front part of the room is there, but the back part isn't.
  • The culprit doesn't appear or get mentioned, until five minutes before the game ends. It is literally impossible for you to put together the clues and solve the mystery yourself, because the culprit is a complete outsider that you've never heard of. 
  • Daryl Gray is Nancy's police contact, but neither Daryl nor Nancy contact the police at any point in the game.
  • Nancy and Daryl think they can single-handedly defeat a drug-dealing murderer who already tried to blow up the school. Isn't she supposed to be smart?
  • In the ending scene, Daryl talks with Nancy's voice.
  • The final puzzle of the game is using the gun on the culprit. If you're too slow, the culprit knocks Connie out from behind, then kills Nancy. When you solve the puzzle successfully, Connie is still lying on the ground unconscious, as if she's been knocked out.
  • Nancy should not be able to steal the gun from the culprit, seeing as she is many feet away and standing in the wrong location.
  • None of the teenagers are punished for breaking the law.


Kelsie N said...

Yay, another one of these videos! The only other ones I can think of are:

How did Jake figure out everybody's corresponding secret? He found the newspaper article about Connie and the drug pharmacy story, as I recall (it'a been a while since I played the original), but how did he figure out for sure who was responsible? What led him to Hal's plagerism? He must have been a really good spy and possibly a better snoop than Nancy. (This may be answered if I replay the original,I can't quite remember.)

Why does Connie always say she has to go when talking to Nancy and then never leaves, totally chill with talking to Nancy again if you right back up to her?

Connie says Paseo Del Mar is usually pretty boring but now everything's out of control... there are three students in the entire school, all practically immobile. Seems the school STILL is petty boring.

And finally, expanding on your Aunt Eloise point, why are any of the students allowed to just be hanging around off hours with absolutely no supervision after a murder just took place?!

EJ Ramirez said...

Out of all the books in the library, she picks a book about... zodiac.

How did the brainteaser in that eye test thing happen to be there. Did Jake, or one of the students put it there? Wouldn't the nurse have noticed? And Why is that even in the hallway? Shouldn't it be in the Nurse's office?

Also, If Jake put it there, then he was giving a clue to how to solve his own murder. Unless he was phychic he couldn't have put it there. That only means another student put it there. So if all of the students are giving clues to how to solve it, that means that the students already solved the case. Eliminating the need for Nancy to be there in the first place. It also means that Paseo Del Mar High School is a WAY better detective than Nancy is.

Why would you put the combonation to the boiler right next to it. You might as well have the combination on a sticky note right next to it with a neon arrow pointing to it.

Also, why would that plaque be in the boiler room. It would make more sense for it to be somewhere else where people could see it, such as: The front of the school, in or beside the trophy case, or on the grounds somewhere.