Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I'm told the alternative to Bing Rewards is Swagbucks. Get 100 points, and that equals $1.00 in gift cards. You can get points in a lot of different ways.

1. Playing games. Oh, wait, no. You only get points if you spend money on games, like buying whatever it is you buy in Bejeweled. (Probably powerups.) Spend $1 in the game, get 12 points! So...get 12 cents for 1 dollar.

They have three games that don't require purchase. I tried one, and it was a simple flash game where your character runs and you click to jump over holes.

2. Shopping. Same thing as playing games; this is a cashback deal. 2-12 cents per dollar spent.

3. Discover. Sign up for a free trial for something, and get cash back.

4. Watch videos. Hey, that's more like it! Something like two cents, if you watch ten videos (but more importantly, watching the minute-long ads before the videos). It seems to work, just like a YouTube playlist. Set the playlist on autoplay and have it run in the background. I might have bad luck, because I ended up getting a slew of videos which are marked restricted, cannot play. And so I wasn't able to get any Swagbucks. Oh well.

5. Take polls. The daily poll of one question is one cent. I can get behind that. The others appear to be corporate surveys and political surveys, with more questions.

6. Search the Internet. It seems to be random, how many searches you must make before they give you a payout.


This seems...okay, I guess? I dunno. I'll try it out for a month. I only use the gift cards to buy books for review purposes, anyway, so it's not a priority.


Anonymous said...

Seems trivial, but you misspelled the title of the post. Sawgbucks...

Struggleville said...

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