Monday, February 29, 2016

New Disneyland Prices

In the news, Disneyland is introducing a new price scheme, to replace the old price scheme of "raise prices every year, by large amounts".

Now, they have three types of prices: value, normal and peak. The idea is that there's a normal price, which you will get 46% of the time. 27% of the time, you get a discount because it's not busy. 27% of the time, you get charged more, because it's busy. Busy periods include weekends and summer.

Ideally, the higher prices will cause people to stop visiting during the peak, busy times, when the park operates at maximum capacity. The cheaper prices will lure people into visiting during the slower times, when there are less crowds, and the park is better able to accommodate them.

I agree, it'd be nice to have the park have fewer crowds, but I don't think this plan will work. Weekends and summer are the only times that are convenient for out-of-towners to visit the park. They don't really have the luxury of visiting during weekdays in February. Because they don't have a choice, they'll have to pay more money.

It seems kind of unfair to force people to pay more money, when the park is moving slower because it's past capacity. It's not uncommon for wait times to increase by thirty minutes to an hour or more. So the people will pay more money, and get rewarded with longer lines.

People would probably revolt, if we used this policy at the pizza place I work for. "Sorry your pizza was twenty minutes late! You'll have to pay us extra money now. Thanks!"

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Anonymous said...

Really, the only way to get into Disneyland cheaply is to set it well into the future.