Sunday, February 7, 2016

Miss Clue: Peril in Pemberley

I'm doing a video walkthrough for Miss Clue: Peril in Pemberley!

I want to write a review of the game for GameCola, but their website isn't working at the moment. So here are just some random thoughts.

1. The game is full and complete, right from the start! Yes! No waiting for new episodes, before you can finish the game! That said, you can tell this was originally supposed to be an episodic release. The game takes place over the course of 7 or 8 days, and each day has 2-3 major things to do. Presumably, each episode would have covered a full day, like in the second game.

2. The astrolabe puzzle is ridiculous and impossible to solve, unless there's a clue somewhere that I missed. The weights puzzle is almost impossible to solve. The good news is that there's a clue to help you solve the puzzle; the bad news is that the clue appeared two to three hours ago, and you can't go back to look at it again. You just have to memorize it. Ugh!

3. I didn't like the voice acting in the game. They reused some of the bad voices from previous games, including "girl who talks with a lisp" and "man who talks in deadpan". I'm starting to think that they must be the developers or something, because that would explain why the dashing teenage hero sounds like a bored middle-aged man.

The main character did a better acting job, mostly. She did a fake British accent the whole time, and it was somewhat inconsistent. I would probably do an equally awful job, though.

4. I'm glad that this game takes place in the era of Pride and Prejudice, unlike the other games. Seriously, when the premise of the series is "Lizzy Bennet's daughter is a detective", the games should NOT take place in modern day!


Emily said...

There's no doubt that there's still issues with these games, but they are noticeably making improvements with each release. It'll be interesting to see what they're like in a year or so.

Overall, though, I've been enjoying watching you play them. It's a nice throwback to what the older Nancy Drew games were like.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read your review!


Hey! I was wondering what screen recorder you use, cause I try to make walkthroughs but my computers really old and its hard to find a good screen recorder. thanks bye! :) love your blog and vids!

Dee Hansen said...

One thing regarding your walkthrough. On #8-9 telescope, you say you solved a puzzle to get the lever and picked it up with the telescope.... but I don't believe you showed what puzzle you solved, only a reference that you solved it earlier. Help!