Thursday, February 4, 2016

Life Plans

Part of the reason I got a job as a pizza delivery boy is because my YouTube job isn't doing so well. I only made $13,314.93 last year, and that's before taxes. I was hoping for something closer to 20K! Pizza delivery should give me more of a financial cushion.

Delivering pizza isn't glorious, so I'm hoping to move on to a better job. Here's the current plan: I'm getting accredited as a tax preparer. The idea is that I'll finish this month, then work as a volunteer with my wife this year. That way, I'll have actual experience with tax preparation, not just a head full of tax rules. I'll use that as a springboard to get a job with a local tax firm, most likely the H&R Block that's a few miles away.

I don't know how many people apply for tax firm jobs, but I'm hoping that I can get a leg up on the competition, because I know Spanish. That has never gotten me a leg up in any job application, ever, but first time's the charm!

Of course, it'd be super-awesome if I got a viral video or something, which resulted in a huge increase in my YouTube finances, so much so that I wouldn't need another job to supplement my income. Or, at least, I'd like my YouTube finances to increase, so I make more than full-time minimum wage.

My YouTube money gets double-taxed, kind of. To put it simply, Arglefumph Industries counts as self-employed contractor work, meaning "Michael who gets paid" pays wage taxes, while "Michael who pays himself" pays employer taxes. I need to make somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 through YouTube, before it'd be worthwhile to make Arglefumph Industries an official corporation. Corporate tax rates are different than individual tax rates, obviously.

See, I'm totally able to handle this tax stuff! Kind of.


Katie said...

I think it's great you're seeking out a supplementary income - I wish you every success. The "What's Wrong With" Nancy Drew video was awesome - I'd definitely watch if you did them for all the games!

Maybe at some future point your wife and you could open your own tax business together. Something to consider for the future.

lence said...

The "What's Wrong With" Nancy Drew video was awesome - I'd definitely watch if you did them for all the games!
Agree with this.
Also maybe do some ''recurring nancy objects in different games'' ;)

Jo said...

Yeah! Exactly what Katie & lence said!

Stripes said...

Love the name, Arglefumph Industries.

Anonymous said...

I bet you could also get some tax preparation clients from your user base!

Maybe if you make some tax preparation videos for youtube, but using your funny manner, you could build a following, and then not have to do actual tax preparation. most of those videos are so serious that you dont want to watch them.

I too love your whats wrong with nancy videos, it was so funny!...and miss clue is out, hint, hint...

Grace Howell said...

My mother works for H&R Block in Australia, and has done for nearly 25 years. It would definitely be supplementary income, depending on how many clients you get in that area, and what kind of tax returns they do.

Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

you got impacted by no nancy drew videos i think

Chauncey said...

This sounds like a completely solid plan, but you also shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Making over thirteen thousand dollars from Youtube is no small feat – tons of people have tried to make money off of their videos and failed. While you’re not able to totally support yourself through your videos, you should definitely keep at it.

Chauncey @ Northern Business Consultants