Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Land Before Time: Magical Discoveries

My quest to review every single Land Before Time DVD continues!

In Search for the Sky Color Stones, our heroes decide to search for rainbow-colored rocks. The boys search in the water, but they don't find anything. Meanwhile, the girls get super-competitive about who will find the stones first. Ducky finds them, but she gets super-greedy and tries to hide them from the others. She also yells at them and abandons her brother Spike.

Eventually, Ducky's treachery is discovered, and all the stones are destroyed by accident. Ducky realize she's been acting horribly, and she apologizes. We get a moral about not being greedy, not keeping secrets and not being overly competitive.

The episode was kind of bland, in my opinion, but it was interesting to see Ducky act so out-of-character. The animation for Ducky was really good, too, with her making a lot of sneaky, evil looks. Good facial expressions, the artists did a great job. They weren't so good with drawing the other characters, though...

The Amazing Threehorn Girl starts with two crocodiles attacking. They corner Cera against a cliff wall, and Cera escapes by accidentally hitting the wall and causing an avalanche. Everyone makes a HUGE deal out of this, acting like she's a superhero. She gets a little full of herself and enjoys making up stories about her fake escapades.

The crocodiles return, and Cera is proven to be a phony. Her father fights off five crocodiles by himself, 'cause he's awesome like that, and he apologizes for inflating Cera's ego. I liked the episode, even if the story is cliche. The animation was movie-quality the whole time, which has definitely not been the case for this TV series

The best part of the episode was the music. Both songs were really good! Or maybe I think they're better than they are, because the songs were NOT sung by the main cast. They were sung by an adult chorus, and that's different. I liked it. Songs without Petrie doing baby-talk are good.

Days of Rising Waters. It floods, and Petrie's nest is destroyed! His family tries to gather the remains and move elsewhere, which causes him a lot of anxiety. His mom gets trapped in mud and almost dies, but Chomper saves her. I didn't like this story, besides for some off-color jokes where Petrie's siblings thought they would be eaten by Chomper.

The subplot was with Cera's sister. Cera and Ducky fight, over whether or not the sister should swim. Then they fight over who should teach her. Then they fight over teaching methods. The fights were completely one-sided; it was just Cera yelling at Ducky, and Ducky taking it without question. Combine this with the fact that Cera's sister can't talk, and you've got kind of a bad story. Just Cera arguing a lot, then giving in, then arguing more.

Return to Hanging Rock is a Ruby episode, and I've figured out her vocal tic. She always says redundant things which are redundant. In this episode, we have a multi-day meteor shower, and Ruby remembers something that she remembered in her memory. That is, she watched the meteor shower with her parents at Hanging Rock. So she goes there with some of her friends.

They get lost, but a helpful squirrel named Skip shows them the way. Ruby meets her family, sings a song about how much she loves them...then she abandons them. They stay in the dangerous area, while Ruby goes home to the safety of the Great Valley. Why can't her family come with her? They say that only SHE can be in the Great Valley, but why? Also, her family says she can't come back until she figures out a way to defeat the T-Rex. Why do they expect her to do that? How is playing with Littlefoot supposed to help her with that? This doesn't make sense. They should all live in the Great Valley together, where it's safe, thereby forcing the T-Rex into death by starvation. Problem solved.

On the way back, there is a fire. Ruby helps save Skip, and she learns that living with all of her friends is just like living with a big family. A nice moral, I guess. I didn't like this episode. It was mostly Ruby wandering around, lost.

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