Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fire Emblem Fates

I'm not sure if I should play Fire Emblem Fates when it comes out on Friday. I've done two Twitter polls about it.

The first one has twenty people saying yes, with about five people saying no, and about five people saying no, I've got too many long walkthroughs as it is.

The second one has 11 people saying I shouldn't play the game, 11 people saying I should play FEF: Conquest, and 10 people saying I should play FEF: Birthright. That's a really close race!

Side note: Why does Twitter list "Conquest" and "Neither" as a tie, while giving them different percentages? They should both be at 34.5%.


So, what do you blog readers think? Should I play the game or not? I was thinking that I could play the game for two hours or so, then gauge the reaction and decide whether or not to play the full game. That's what I did with Bravely Default. Still kinda bummed that was unpopular.


lence said...

I don't watch your FE game walkthroughs. Also I have not voted in the pools above as I don't use Twitter.

On a different note, thank you for Miss Clue videos. I have found such an exercise to be very much to my liking and your comments both delightfully engaging and witty. Most agreeable!
I do however miss aunt Cathy's ramblings, I wish we heard more from her.

Mary Alvin said...

i think that is a good idea,
testing the waters, i mean, i know I will watch it

Anonymous said...


Well, I know your quite busy but I would suspect many of those who voted for you to play FEF would vote for you to play both versions... I don't know if that'll be possible, but maybe after a very long time.

Miss. Cellaneous said...

The only reason I didn't watch you BD videos was because it was only the demo, not the full game.