Thursday, February 11, 2016

2016 Election - Three Things Thursday

1. I'm trying to keep our daughter informed about the 2016 election. She doesn't care about the Republicans, but she cares about the Democrats. She wants Bernie Sanders to win, because Sanders has promised to work on making college free. If this happens, Mary is hoping to use her college savings to buy a house. Good to see she's planning ahead!

2. The election has hit two states so far: Iowa and New Hampshire. In Iowa, Sanders and Clinton tied at 50% each. In New Hampshire, Sanders won with 60% of the vote, while Clinton got 38%.

3. Seems like Sanders should be in the lead, right? Ha ha, no. As a result of those two states, Clinton has 39 delegates, while Sanders has 34.

See, 80% of the delegate count is proportional. That is, Sanders and Clinton both get half of Iowa's delegates, while in New Hampshire, Sanders gets 60% of the delegates. But 20% of the delegates are "superdelegates". Superdelegates get to vote for whoever they want, no matter what the polls say. Both states have 8 superdelegates, and thanks to their support, Clinton is in the lead.

I wonder what percent of the vote you would have to win in order to secure victory, even if every superdelegate voted against you.


NancyDrewGamer said...

Who do you hope wins the elections?

Michael Gray said...

I'm voting for Cat President, Thunderpaw!

Unknown said...

I just want to say that I think it's great you are keeping Mary informed. She is such a bright little girl, and you and Katie seem to be wonderful parents.

I have been out of the Nancy Drew loop for a few years, and have been catching up on the most recent installments (Tomb of the Lost Queen+) in the last year. I've been a fan of yours shortly after the beginning of my obsessive pastime of ND-ing years ago, and when I returned to the series, I returned to your blog and YouTube channel as well. It is so refreshing to have a gamer blogger who explores the steadfast and unique and point and click genre, and one who has been so faithful to HER and every Carolyn Keene out there. It warmed my heart to discover in my years absent that you had gotten married, and I am beyond happy for you! You are such a well rounded blogger, being knowledgeable in so many areas from religious, to social and political (and all combined). It is a pleasure to reconnect with your work, and thank you for the laughs, daily doses of life and news,the Fox and Geese strategy which saved me, and all your devotion to the little niche world of Nancy Drew. :) Keep up your ramblings of randomness!