Friday, January 22, 2016

YouTube Plans

My current walkthrough, Dark Tales: The Tell-Tale Heart ends today. If it's popular enough, I won't post anything tomorrow. That way, people will have an extra day to watch the videos and catch up. If it's not popular, then I'll post something new tomorrow.

On Tuesday, the new Miss Clue game comes out, and I'm definitely going to walkthrough that. So that will start either Tuesday or Wednesday. So I've got a 2-5 day gap in my schedule!

What should go in that gap? Here is a list of everything that I have recorded right now. I work pretty far in advance, sometimes.

Book Reviews - Boxcar Children 1-6
Book Reviews - Baby-Sitters Club 15-19 + Little Sister 1
Book Reviews - Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Be a Detective 1 & 2
Book Reviews - Hardy Boys Casefiles #11: Brother Against Brother
Pokemon Yellow - 6 videos
Aviary Attorney - Case 3 - 9 Videos
Aviary Attorney - Case 4b - 4 Videos
Awakening 7 - 13 videos
Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams - 10 videos
Grammar Games - 2 videos
Everything Wrong With Castle Malloy
The muffled Kit and Kyler conversation
Mary's Cooking Video - Cupcakes
A One Hour Tesserae Slideshow

I was going to do Boxcar Children or Aviary Attorney, but Twitter voters said no. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

everything wrong with castle malloy!!!!

Emily said...

I disagree with Twitter. The Boxcar Children are awesome. I've been looking forward to those reviews for a while.

baby bear said...

Tough decision....the boxcar children are awesome. I kind of want to see those

lence said...

everything wrong with castle malloy!!!! Yes!

Amy Christine said...

The Boxcar Children was the first and my favorite mystery stories I've read! Also Everything Wrong with Castle Malloy? I would love to see that too!

Stripes said...

I'm voting for Pokemon Yellow.

Anonymous said...

I say you should do everything wrong with all the nancy drew games. that was quite entertaining and things that I didn't even know during the video