Friday, January 15, 2016

SCK Remastered Speedrun - 5

Is it possible for me to cheat on the speedrun?

One way to cheat is to mess with the audio files for the game. The audio files generally have a bit of silence at the start and at the end of each line. Maybe you can delete the silence, to cut down on the gaps between the different lines.

Another idea I had was to delete certain audio files. Like, at the end of conversations, Nancy can say, "Goodbye", "See you later," or "I bid you good day, my fair suspect, and should you prove to be the culprit, make no doubt that I shall return and secure justice against you.". Obviously, it's faster if she says one of the first two options. Maybe you can delete the files for the long conversation options, forcing Nancy to pick the shorter ones.

As it turns out, both these methods of cheating don't work. If an audio file is missing (or it's not the right length), the game just mutes it and plays like normal. So it doesn't save any time, and it's super-obvious you tried to cheat, because people are talking and there's no sound coming out.

Playing with the audio files resulted in me finding a fight between Connie and Hulk. Did this happen in the game, or is it a deleted scene? Connie's audio and Hulk's audio are in different places--which makes sense--so figuring out how to put them together to form a full conversation took some work.


Stephanie said...

What is the point of this?

evilclownattack said...

Yeah that fight is in the game, although it's hard to trigger and I only saw it on my first playthrough. I think you overhear it right outside the gym