Thursday, January 14, 2016

SCK Remastered Speedrun - 4

What is the speedrun route I'm using for this game?

  • Skip the intro scene by clicking the upper/right corner of the letter.
  • Use code “sigma phi kappa delta” to enter safe and get the key.
  • Go into side room and get the key from there.
  • Go to the school. Open Jake's locker with the code 5253.
  • Read the judo magazine and etiquette book. Look at the newspaper. You don't need to read it.
  • Talk to Hulk. Select conversation options 2-2
  • See judo poster
  • Set off soda machine with grape grape orange cool
  • Go to library. Use 5253 on the catalogue. Read the steroid magazine and the kanji book.
  • Go to Connie. Three conversations! 2-1. 1. 1.
  • Enter teacher's lounge and read Hal's essay.
  • Go to Hal for two conversations. 2-2. 1/2-2/1-2. (The order doesn't matter for the second convo.).
  • Go to Hulk. Hulk conversation: 3-3-3.
  • Go to Maxine's Diner. Daryl conversation: 1-2-1-end.
  • Get the letter from Daryl.
  • Enter the boiler room at the school with "note".
  • Get the gloves and the match card symbol. Use gloves on lock, and open it with 1967.
  • Pull levers: LL RR L
  • Grab the VHS tape by the vent, then leave through the vent
  • Go to Jake's seat in the library. Solve the puzzle there.
  • Go to Aunt Eloise's. Watch the VHS tape.
  • Attempt to leave the room.
  • Culprit Convo: 2-2-2-2.

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