Monday, January 11, 2016

SCK Remastered Speedrun - 1

I'm going to do another speedrun for Secrets Can Kill Remastered. There might be some minor timesavers left in this game.

For example! You have to enter the side room at Aunt Eloise's. You can turn right five steps, so Nancy can pick up the book with the key inside. OR, you can U-turn and go left, which takes three steps. That's slightly faster, right?

Similarly, when you leave the teacher's lounge. You can take five left steps to reach the hallway. Or you can take two left steps and U-turn to reach the hallway.

Looks like you can do the same trick, while leaving Hal to talk to the Hulk. You can take some steps right and U-turn to the hall, which is slightly faster than going left.

U-Turning away from a conversation with the Hulk is the fastest way to get out of the gym, although not if you want to play with the soda machines for the soda machine puzzle.

To get to the library from the school entrance, you can go left or right. Both routes take seventeen steps to reach the library. The left route forces you to do a hard right, so it's a little easier to go through the right-hand side, which has curves.


These are minor timesavers, in theory. In practice...well, I'm not so good at doing U-turns then quickly turning to the side. Someone with better reflexes than me should be able to get it done.


evilclownattack said...

Going after KevnEm's run?

Michael Gray said...

I tried and failed to do so! Mostly, I was just interested in the opening cutscene skip.