Monday, January 18, 2016

New Nancy Drew TV Show

In October, CBS announced that they're planning to make a new Nancy Drew TV show. It will be written by some Grey's Anatomy people, and it stars 30-year-old Nancy Drew working for the NYPD. Their last attempt at making a Nancy Drew TV show was in 2002. I didn't see it, but the Internet says that they aired the pilot, but didn't pick up the show.

Recently, the CBS President has said they're picking a non-white person to play Nancy in the show, to reflect the fact that she's written as a diverse character. Sounds like someone hasn't read the original, racist Nancy Drew books. Or any Nancy Drew books at all, for that matter. As the Wikipedia page for Nancy Drew says, the series has been criticized for being an upper-class white fantasy. Nancy is super rich and well-to-do, although sometimes that's less part of her character, and more of an excuse for how this teenager can afford to travel the world without being in school.

What do I think about this TV show? All we know so far is that it has a non-white, non-teenager Nancy Drew. Kind of sounds like they had a different detective show in mind, and they're putting the Nancy Drew license on it, to make it more successful. That happens a lot in videogames. (And sometimes in the book industry--does the River Heights romance series ring a bell?).

I'm totally going to watch/review this Nancy Drew TV show, no matter what.

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Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all. I have noticed all commercials seem to be going that way. I think it's guilt that people have for some reason. I have always judged their character instead of the color of their skin. And I have no guilt whatsoever about these people. But I don't know any either nor have I meet any. And in school we did not learn about them being anything different than anybody else. This has just come up in the last...7 years.