Sunday, January 31, 2016

Miss Clue Peril in Pemberly

People have been bugging me to play the third Miss Clue game, which is Peril in Pemberley. It's available for purchase now.

Why haven't I played it? "Available for purchase" means "available for pre-order", in this case. They have not sent out any physical copies of the game, nor have they sent out any digital copies. Like, I would play the game, if I could. But it's not out yet. So I'm playing Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams instead.

This game has had a lot of problems with its release date. This past Friday was actually their third release date. Or was it the fourth? Either way, I'm sure it'll come out eventually. The game apparently has been finished for a while now; Amazon just isn't cooperating with releasing the game. Perhaps they should have tried Steam?

[Edit: Download keys are now live! The game is out now!]

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Aaron M. Fugate said...

Well, since they're making people pay for it now, I hope that means they're actually making their own game and not just stealing from HeR.