Saturday, January 2, 2016

Land Before Time: Amazing Adventures

Land Before Time: Amazing Adventures is another DVD with four episodes of the TV show.

"The Spooky Nighttime Adventure" begins with the kids telling scary stories to each other before bedtime. Ruby tells everyone the story of the Hidden Runner, an invisible monster who attacks other dinosaurs. Everyone gets too scared to sleep, until Ruby confesses that she made up the entire story.

In a weird plot twist, it turns out that Ruby's made-up story is true! Mr. Thicknose from the snow movie reappears, and he goes off into the woods to find Hidden Runner. The kids tag along, and Cera struggles to admit that she's afraid. In the end, our heroes learn that the Hidden Runner stories are exaggerated. The truth is that he's NOT invisible; he's just a dinosaur species that uses camouflage to hide. I liked that resolution to the story.

The songs in this episode are repeats. They're "Adventuring" and "Big Water", just with different lyrics. Did you think I wouldn't notice, TV series?

"The Cave of Many Voices" is mostly a Chomper episode. Heavy rain floods the cave where Ruby and Chomper live; Chomper goes wild and starts attacking stalactites. So the kids have to explore the cave system now, in order to find a new home for Ruby and Chomper. One cave they find has large echoes, which they dub the cave of many voices.

Meanwhile, Ducky has a self-confidence issues, because she's so short. She tries to get Ruby's help, and learns how to talk big. When carnivores appear in the cave system and start attacking, Ducky saves everyone in two ways. First, she's so small she can run around and escape the villains' notice. Second, she scares them away with the echoes from the cave of many voices. So she learns being small is okay.

I should probably note that the villains in this series are Red Claw and his two helpers. They're supposed to be the most threatening carnivores ever, but they DON'T live up to that reputation, mainly because whenever they appear, they are easily defeated. Hopefully, there's an episode which introduces these villains and explains their backstory, because from where I'm sitting, they're no different from the nameless carnivores that populate the movies.

The first song in this episode is "Adventuring". Again? The second song, "Talking Big" is original to the series.

"The Meadow of Jumping Water" is a pretty bland episode. The kids go to see an area where there are geysers, and along the way, Petrie worries that Spike has bad luck. Red Claw and his ineffective minions attack, but they are stopped when the water hits them in the face. They also get stopped, because Spike rolled in smelly stuff. Petrie learns that bad luck doesn't exist.

The first song is "Adventuring", and SERIOUSLY? The same song three times on the same DVD! This time, Spike is the main singer, even though he can't talk. In fact, I'd go so far as to say this is one of those rare Spike episodes! The second song was not "Bad Luck", even though that would have fit in perfectly with the story. Instead, they sing "Good Times, Good Friends", a song which also appears in...

"The Canyon of the Shiny Stones". Cera's stepmother made a pile of shiny jewels, and Cera accidentally destroyed one while she was angry. Now the kids have to go to a jewel area to find a replace it. The jewel area is right by a volcano, and of course, the volcano erupts, putting all the kids in danger of dying a horrible lava death.

I didn't much care for this episode, probably because it was a Petrie episode. He spends ten minutes being scared and whining, as a buildup to the ending, where he is brave and saves everyone! Ha ha, just kidding. In the end, he is brave and goes to warn the adults. The adults save everyone. Why can't Petrie be the hero in his own episode? Poor fellow.


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