Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Garfield's Pet Force

When I was younger, I loved the Garfield's Pet Force series. It's really different from anything else the Garfield comic strip has produced. It's a sci-fi/action book series, mostly made up of text, with occasionally illustrations. Compared to the original comic strip, it's pretty plot heavy.

The story is that Garfield and his friends are transported into a parallel universe. They need to impersonate their doubles in this universe, who just so happen to be superheroes. Each one of them has a super power. Nermal can freeze people, Arlene has a hypnotic song, Odie's tongue is super-stretchy, Pooky is a flying half-computer, and since Garfield is the main character, he gets super-strength, huge claws and radioactive hairballs.

That's another thing which is different about the series. All five characters are together, most of the time. The comic strip pretty much never packs five or more characters into the same scene.

In the first book, our heroes have to learn how to use their superpowers effectively against the evil Vetvix. The second book is the revenge of Space Pie-Rat, a pirate rat who has grown gigantic. The third book's villain is K-Niner, a monster dog who causes dogs to rise up and enslave all humans. In the fourth book, Vetvix returns. She kidnaps four of the Pet Force members and turns them into a nasty mutant.

The fourth book was supposed to be the last one, but the series was so popular, it got uncancelled, and they made a fifth one. I didn't like that book as much; they had to do some plot hand-waving in order to bring back Vetvix, after she had been defeated forever. The series went back to being cancelled after that, but it wasn't forgotten by the powers that exist being the Garfield empire...

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