Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Reviews

I did a Twitter poll, and most people want to see more 1980's Nancy Drew reviews! Which is a tad awkward for me, since I've got 7 non-1980's ND reviews, ready to go. (I was hoping something else would win.)

The 1980's is also when the Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys Supermystery series got started. I'll slip those in, according to chronological placement. For example, Supermystery 1 came out the same month as Files 24, so I'll review both those books at the same time. January 8th, to be specific. I'll do the same chronological reviewing, for the other four Supermystery books that came out in the 80's.

Fans of Nancy Drew might know that they started a third Nancy Drew series, entitled "River Heights", towards the end of 1989. I have the first five books from that series, but not the whole thing. At least one time, all three of the Carolyn Keene series published a book in the same month.

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