Friday, January 29, 2016

A New Channel?

So I was thinking, maybe I should make a new YouTube channel, one that's just for my book reviews.

  • Separating book reviews from videogame stuff makes everything more streamlined. I know there are plenty of videogame fans who don't like books, who are annoyed when I post book stuff, and vice versa.
  • Scheduling will be easier for both channels. "Slipping random reviews in whenever" doesn't work so well, and gives me a huge backlog of book reviews.
  • I'd get a better sense of which book stuff is more popular. And I could try posting all my reviews in chronological order!
  • I have no idea how to do it.
  • I'm officially a YouTube Partner, and I'm with a network. Does that transfer over to the new channel? Because if I can't get paid for views on the new channel... :(
  • I will lose all the views I currently have on the book reviews. Unless there's a way to transfer those over?
Let me know what you guys think. I might post a Twitter poll on the topic.


Rachel said...

On your YouTube page (at least when other people visit it) there are several "tabs" at the top including "videos", "playlists", and "about." There's also one labeled "channels", and if someone clicks on that tab right now all it says is "This channel doesn't feature any other channels." This makes it seem like you can have a channel within a channel or maybe it provides some kind of connection between multiple channels, but I don't have a YouTube account and therefore have no idea how you would utilize this feature or how it would affect the current structure of your channel.

Amy Christine said...

If you have another YouTube channel, you would have to be an YouTube Partner again and I don't think there is a way to transfer a video from one channel to the next except just download your video to your computer but your comments won't be saved.

Amy Christine said...

And yes you will loose the views count when you upload the same video on the other channel

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can leave the books that are already on your channel there, to save view counts, and then either re-up a copy to the new channel or just start the new channel where you left off.

Can't you just divide your videos into playlists, like now. I find it easier to just go to one place than to have to go to two.

Elentarien said...

I agree with 'anonymous'. Just divide your different content into playlists and leave it on one channel. Its too much of a pain to keep track of two separate channels for one youtuber. I don't see the problem in posting different content to the one channel - lots of 'official' channels do that - but just divide it up per topic/date/whatever so its easier to browse through, or for people to find what they are interested in.

Two channels make things messier for subscribers to keep track of you, and probably would cut down on your pay-for-view. I know I doubt I'd follow a second channel. (Sorry, but I do that for one person already and its a bit annoying. I mean, her two channels don't differ enough, why doesn't she just put it on one? grr)

So, yeah, vote to keep it together and just use the channel's in-built organizing tools to break it up a little.

gamer Loverz said...

I follow a lot of Youtubers that have at least two channels. I think that when you're a partner, you can have another youtube page. To make sure thatyour subscribers know about this other channel, you have to do a video explaining your choice. I hope this helps.

Emily said...

If you have gmail you can use your Google+ account to make another YouTube account under the same email address as your Arglefumph account. This dude explains how:

Unfortunately, YouTube videos can't be transferred to a new channel so you would need to reupload all of your book reviews to the new channel if you decide to make this move.

baby bear said...

I think it's fine the way it is. I personally listen to all of your content so I like having it all in one place though.