Thursday, December 10, 2015

YouTube Viewcounts

Here are my lifetime YouTube viewcounts:


2015 isn't over yet, so that number is just an estimate. I'm currently at 4,822,171 views this year.

Clearly, I peaked in 2011, the year of Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse and Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes. Ever since then, I've been steadily getting fewer and fewer views. I'm not sure where the dust will settle. Maybe things will stop at four million views, and my channel will hover there in perpetuity.

I dunno! I've tried stuff to turn things around, like branching out to book reviews and livestreaming for the 2014 Nancy Drew Games Mega Marathon. That marathon is STILL the most-watched thing on my YouTube channel, even though it's a year old now. But it wasn't enough to stop the general fallout.

Any suggestions as to what I should do? My subscriber count, interestingly enough, keeps increasing and has never gone down. So there are more people following my channel, but I guess they're watching fewer videos.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

For me as a viewer of your youtube channel I've always enjoyed your Nancy Drew videos and other games that you've played. They are games that you play that I really don't have an interest in watching like the DS games you play. I do love your book reviews and the videos you make with Mary and Katie those are fun I really enjoyed watching Mary cook. They are so many popular games out there I think you should play the new Dark Parables game and they two new Mystery Case Files games Key To Ravenhearst and Ravenhearst Unlocked. Maybe you can do game reviews for other games besides ND.

baby bear said...

I think one thing that might have dropped view count during this year was the marathon you did during the summer. I watch most all of your videos, but there was just so much at one time that I couldn't keep up. I'm still trying to catch up and watch those walkthroughs. Definitely do the Dark Parables game. Those are fantastic.
I love your channel, it gets me through school again and again. You never fail to make me laugh or to make time pass pleasantly. Keep up the awesome work. :)

Anonymous said...

I always thought it would be fun if you did a walkthrough of the Emily Delicious games. Even though they are time management, they have a really good storyline that it would be interesting to comment on. Those games are really popular. I think this year you may have drop just because there was only one nancy drew game out. maybe when the tv show comes out you will get more views!

Emily said...

I always like the older games you play. If you still have a computer that could manage some of the stuff from the 90s/early 2000s that could be cool.

This year in particular is tough because the newest Nancy Drew game wound up getting postponed. The new mobile games Her is launching next year sound cool, so once those launch and Midnight in Salem comes out you might see a bump again.

Anonymous said...

As a long time viewer, it's mostly because you as of late are doing less and less of what you originally did: up-to-date puzzle games, and more prominently, adventure games. You can and are able to successfully branch off into other games, but they have to be worth the watch and not put up all at once, to entertain different viewers.

Many of the walkthroughs you post on your channel nowadays (meaning the last few years) are of games that, if someone really cares about, has probably already played, beaten, and know very well. Sure, you should account for the fact that the videos will stay up for a long time for future fans, but it is a huge factor in your viewing loss.

For instance, your walkthrough of Dual Destinies. You posted those videos more than a year after the US release. There was another walkthough Youtuber, ZSlyzer, that published his walkthrough right after the release date. Yes, I understand you can't always do that with games, but it is a big bonus. Furthermore, he posted them in a way that viewers could keep up: one per day. You usually post five or six a day, and seem to expect people to want to watch them all. It's like food: if you want someone to eat every last bit, don't give them the whole fridge's worth in one sitting. They're not going to eat it.

Most Ace Attorney fans, including me, had already watched them and been more than familiar with it when you released your video more than a year later. Many of those views you were seeking never arrived because of this singular fact.

Beyond this, though, you are also not sending consistent messages with uploads. Some people care about your book reviews, I get it. But to those who don't, you post nothing but those for a few weeks straight! It detracts people who were interested briefly in your channel but moved on.

I'm not saying you shouldn't: for instance, I was pretty happy and excited when you posted an episode of Pokemon Yellow, although I'm sure not everyone was. So, with these things, you should cycle them through the week, with something different every day (or maybe every other day) so other people who aren't interested see something else they ARE interested in later in the week.

Your Nancy Drew games are a different story. You play them almost as soon as they come out, so you're one of the first ones with a walkthrough/playthrough, and you clearly spend a lot of time on those. One of the things people come for is Nancy Drew, so it's no surprise those do well. But as for any other game, you don't follow anything near that pattern.

Hope you do well with your channel,
A Fan

Anonymous said...

I have been watching your YouTube channel since I was in junior high school, and now I am still watching it in college! So do not worry about the demographics--you have a steady cult following. Definitely the most important times of the year is Spring Break, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Break. I certainly haven't been able to watch as much as I used to since class started in September. However, I do have a couple solutions that might be helpful!
1) Play games created within the last 6 months
2) Play some of the games that are difficult to find, like the Agatha Christie series. I actually have all three of the games, and I have really been wanting to mail it to you and your family, but then I think I must be super creepy to want to do so. Also, the Putt Putt games and Spy Fox are super treasured amongst my generation, and we would love to see some of our childhood games being played again! I for one would love that!
3) I do understand that your venue is family friendly, so Assassin's Creed or Fall Out is not going to make the cut (which I am happy for), but maybe a change in a couple different types of games would be fun, like King's Quest or Dungeons and Dragons. I would love to watch those!

Regardless, you are and always will be my favorite YouTuber. By all means, take what I say with a grain of salt, because you know so much more about this than me. I have enjoyed watching you over the course of my years and seeing how your family has grown.


Anonymous said...

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