Wednesday, December 30, 2015

YouTube Payouts

I'm going over my end-of-year finances, and I thought it'd be interesting to see how much YouTube pays. Here's my pay rate, for the past several years. The formula I used was (total money) / (number of views), and as you can see, it looks like the pay rate is going down!

2012 = 0.003381894 per view
2013 = 0.003310936 per view
2014 = 0.003208519 per view
2015 = 0.002850992 per view

Note #1: This isn't a completely accurate assessment, because 10% of whatever I make goes directly to my network in Canada. And then I have to pay a larger tax rate, as a contractor working for a foreign company. I wonder what percent of my salary goes directly to me...

Note #2: According to my network, I only get paid about 56% of the time. So it's not completely accurate to say I make around three cents per view.

Note #3: Obviously, the numbers for 2015 will change once the year is over, and I have an accurate viewcount. People generally watch YouTube more often in December, with all the holidays and such.

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