Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Work Attitudes

I spent Christmas with Katie and her family. They're all professional business people with "real" jobs that include growth potential. That means they can get promotions.

I can't really get any promotions with my jobs; it's more like I go from a YouTuber to a slightly more popular YouTuber.

One relative was saying their work has a lot of 9-to-5 employees, who don't want promotions. They just want to come into the office, work for eight hours, and leave. These people have less than ten years until retirement, so it's understandable that they're not invested in furthering their careers or climbing the corporate ladder. They just want a steady paycheck until they stop working forever.

That's basically how I approach my job as a delivery driver. I come in, I do my job, and I leave. I keep my head down, and I do what I'm told. The boss likes this about me; I'm reliable, and I don't talk back. (Some of the employees like to ditch work and complain a lot.) I also like to think my "just get the job done" approach makes me more efficient than the drivers with a "get as many deliveries as possible" approach. Those guys will totally let your pizza sit in the warmer for fifteen minutes, just so they can make two deliveries in one trip, whereas I prioritize delivering the pizza that's ready, when it's ready. I'm not sure which technique is more efficient for the company.

I find it interesting that my "just get the job done" attitude is helpful for my workplace, whereas with my relative's work, it's a toxic attitude, one that usually results in people getting fired. I guess being average isn't good enough in the tech industry, but it's good enough for a pizza place! Let's just hope my teenage co-workers don't improve their work skills anytime soon, otherwise I might slip from being in the top half of the employee roster. The bottom third is usually filled with employees who have been working there less than a month--there's a LOT of employee turnover in this business--so the odds are in my favor.

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Katie said...

There is more to life than advancement in career. My husband works in the tech industry. He goes to work, does his job, does it WELL, and leaves. He has no interest in moving up in his company. He is a highly valued employee, and rightly so. He works hard and then he comes home and lives his life with his family. I am proud of him.