Friday, December 18, 2015

Technical Issues

I've been having technical issues with two of the games from my Twitter poll. Immortal Love and Burnt Dreams both work fine on my older computer, but they refuse to work on the computer that I use to record HD gameplay footage.

Both games are made by the same company, 4 Friends Games. So I think it's just a company-specific problem. For whatever reason, their game engine just doesn't work with my computer. I guess I could record the games on my older computer, but it wouldn't be in HD.

So I'll be playing something else, besides those games.

EDIT: Hey! Someone found a solution to the problem! If you're playing the game on Windows 10, change your display settings to 125%. That fixes the problem! So look for me to play Immortal Love tomorrow!

The release date for the two other games I was planning to play this weekend--Miss Clue Peril in Pemberley and Aviary Attorney--both got delayed to "after today". Sad.

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