Monday, December 7, 2015

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems

I tried out the Star Trek: Wrath of Gems game, which is okay. It's a match-3 game, and they did an okay job making the show fit match-3 battles. Match three yellows to increase shields, match three reds to shoot phasers and so on. I actually would prefer it, if the game used an RPG battle system. Far too often, the match-3 board was set up against my favor, so half the time I wanted to make a particular match, I couldn't. The other half of the time, whenever I tried to set up a good match, my AI opponent stole it away from me.

This is why match-3 battles aren't part of Candy Crush.

I reached the paywall VERY early on. The game caps your characters at level 3, unless you buy enough coins to upgrade them. I got as far as the second chapter, where the enemies are level 6-8, and that was it. No way to progress against them. "Sensors indicate implementation of free-to-play model, Captain."

There are three different types of battles in the game, but they're all basically match-3 battles. "Avoid making matches of these three colors" isn't different enough to be considered a completely different type of battle. The third battle involved cards, but...yeah, it was just match-3.

The game itself looks great, and the storyline was moderately interesting. Or at least, I'm sure it would have been more interesting, if I had gotten more than 10% through it. But still, I would have preferred to see the game in RPG format. I'm not a huge fan of Match-3, and I especially don't like Match-3 battles.

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