Friday, December 4, 2015


I've been kind of sick for the past two weeks, so I haven't been able to get much work done. I'm still playing catchup with my YouTube channel and my writing and stuff.

This stinks, because I was hoping to be done with Cat President by now. As you can maybe, kinda tell from my writing stats, I stopped writing two chapters a day at the end. I was totally going to catch up on everything on my day off on Wednesday, but I tried some new medicine for my stuffy nose, and I slept the entire day. I did some work on Nancy Drew reviews, but that's about it.

Today (Friday) is another day off for me. I hope I'll get more work done! The idea is to FINISH those Nancy Drew reviews, if possible. Then write descriptions for a bunch of YouTube videos. (I'm playing Case 2 of Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path, and man, it's a long game.) Then I'll either write more for Cat President and record more YouTube videos. (The next games on my to-do list are Bridge to Another World: Burnt Dreams and Detective Barbie 2. Doing more of the artwork for Francy Droo is also on the to-do list.

Or I'll collapse from sickness again. We'll see.


MexicanZombie said...

Michael! I hope you feel better soon.
If you want, just take it easy. We'll still be here, and also, you need to take care of yourself.
Hope you're better in the near future!

Stripes said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon :)