Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pro-Life Mercy

One suggestion I've gotten for the Year of Mercy is for Catholics to stop holding prayer vigils outside of abortion clinics. Although it's not the intention, those prayer vigils come off as harsh and judgmental, which doesn't help the pro-life cause. It would be a better use of our resources to help volunteer at women's health clinics and rape prevention centers and other such places. The goal is to be the face of mercy in the world, not to stand in condemnation of the vulnerable.

My particular church has a giving crib every November. It's like a giving tree, if you've heard of that. They set up a large baby crib inside the vestibule, and everyone is encouraged to bring in baby supplies like diapers and wipes and blankets to help fill the crib. At the end of the month, all of the baby supplies are donated to a local pregnancy resource center. It's not a perfect setup, but I wish more churches would try things like that. Helping new mothers is a good cause to support.

We also do a meal train, where we deliver free meals to sick people and women who have recently given birth. I'm going to try to help with that more often, especially now that I work at a food place with a 25% employee discount.

My wife says it costs about $10,000 to have a baby. There should be some way that we pro-lifers can help drive that cost down! Sadly, I'm told giving out free pregnancy tests is not an option. If you're going to have a baby in a hospital, the hospital needs to perform its own pregnancy test, usually a blood test. Maybe that's just a state-specific rule, though.


Emily said...

I know some hospitals allow you to pay for a procedure like a cancer screening for people who don't have insurance. Maybe they would do the same for pregnancy screenings?

Anonymous said...

I think supporting open adoption and making it more well known would also help women who cant afford to have a baby, but would like to maintain a relationship with their child. Maybe more would give birth. Also many people want to adopt, but there arent many babies, and also are afraid of not knowing the babies background (like if the mother was doing drugs while the baby was in the womb) and the baby growing up having issues because they dont know their biological parents. Open adoption would allow the adoptive parent also to help cover hospital costs . I think many women "on the fence" would have babies if it was easier to do open adoption.