Saturday, December 5, 2015

Pokemon Yellow

Sick Michael did a walkthrough for Pokémon Yellow! More like a playthrough, really. I played the game for the first time, while sick, and I got all the way to Brock before I hit the wall where none of my characters did any damage.

Having never played Pokémon before, I'd say it's okay. The main problem is that the game clearly expects you to know everything about Pokémon ahead of time, which is massively unfair. The game punished me for trying to break trainer battle rules, and I have no idea what a trainer battle is or what the rules are, why is there no tutorial on this?

I'm sure I made a bunch of bone-headed newbie mistakes, like pick the wrong Pokémon to be on my team, just because I don't know any better. In my defense, it's kind of hard to pick what Pokémon should be on your team. Like, obviously you want the best team ever, but you don't get to see character stats until AFTER you recruit them. That's not very fair! Then again, I don't really understand the stats anyway, so...whatever! I think I got a good team.

EDIT: I'm told the goal of the game is to collect all five badges, from the various gym leaders. That way, you can enter the tournament and face off against the Elite Four, the best Pokémon trainers in the entire world. That sounds kinda cool! Too bad that wasn't explained in the game itself.


Emily said...

From what I recall there's a lot more explanation in the original red and blue games. You're actually playing the version that's based on the TV show so things are a bit different.
That's probably also why there's less explanation. They assume you bought this version because you're already a fan of the show.

Stripes said...

Hi Michael,
The objective of a trainer battle is to make all your opponents pokemon faint, you have to fight some people just to be able to walk past them, or gym leaders to get badges. You also get money.

The only sort of rules are, you can't run from a trainer battle, don't throw pokeballs, you'll waste them.

Defeating Brock is harder on Pokemon Yellow, because all the pokemon you can catch are not very good against his, just level them up a bit.

Here's a pokemon type/move effectiveness chart to help you:

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

If you need help, look up the stats/ Pokemon lists of the trainer on and input the Pokemon/trainer. And I hate to nitpick, but it's pronounced Poke-(soft and quick) eh- mom

Anonymous said...

*Mon. Not mom. And good luck with the walk-through