Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nancy is the Culprit Chapter 2

Nancy Drew is the Culprit--Treasure in the Royal Tower

Nancy's hand reached out.

"That's the biggest diamond I've ever seen..." a voice said.

Nancy wheeled around to see Lisa standing there. "Where did you come from?" Nancy asked.

"I followed you," Lisa said. "I was worried about you, after I heard you were trapped outside and almost died. And when I saw you sneaking into the locked library..."

Nancy resisted the urge to facepalm. She had faked being locked outside as a ploy for sympathy! Clearly, that plan had backfired. How hadn't she noticed someone behind her, when she crawled through the air ducts?

"Well, this is it! The fabulous Queen's Tower," Nancy said. "Filled with elaborate treasures like this diamond. It used to belong to Marie Antoinette."

"Really?" Lisa asked.

"Really," Nancy said. "Listen, it's good you're here. Why don't you go back and get the authorities? I'll keep searching this room for hidden treasures." Nancy gestured towards the broken rose tiles in the mural. "As you can see, the culprit has already been searching here, and he's starting to get violent."

"He?" Lisa asked.

"Jacques," Nancy said. "His grandfather helped build this tower, and he passed on a few of its 'secrets' to Jacques. I'm almost certain he's the one who knocked me out in the locker area!"

As a matter of fact, Nancy had faked being attacked as an excuse to steal Jacques' medallion for herself, but Lisa had no idea about that. She nodded and said, "Right! Stay safe! I'll get the police!"

I bet you won't be happy to see them, Nancy thought, as she smirked. While Lisa went down the winding staircase, Nancy activated the trick stairs. Lisa fell into the makeshift prison.

"What--huh? Nancy, I'm trapped!"

Nancy leaned over the steps and smirked at Lisa. "Ha! Better get used to being in prison, 'cause you're gonna be there a long time!"

"What are--you're framing me!" Lisa gasped.

"Good," Nancy said. "Usually, it takes people much longer than that to realize what's going on."

"Darn you, Nancy Drew! You're the worst friend a journalist could ever have!" Lisa cursed.

Lisa was arrested, and Nancy was dismayed when Jacques--of all people--got the finders fee for the diamond. Another failed treasure hunt!

All in all, the trip to Wisconsin hadn't been a total loss. Professor Hotchkiss' new book, The Lost Diary of Marie Antoinette was on the bestseller list for over a year, and you know who got 25% of the profits? Nancy. She was the one who found it, after all.


Katie Nelson said...

These are actually really cool!! I love how realistic these could be. You should totally do more!!!!

Stripes said...

These are interesting. After playing Ransom of the Seven Ships, I was thinking it would have been more of a surprise and twist ending if George had been the culprit.

Eleanor McKenna said...

Hi Michael! My name's Eleanor McKenna and I'm the author of The Sleuth Crew blog (mostly about Nancy drew and book reviews etc.) And I was wondering since you're my favorite YouTuber if I could interview you? Or ask you questions via email? If not I understand. My blog is also on blogger: Thanks! Eleanor McKenna

Eleanor McKenna said...

Please leave a comment on my blog as your response. Thanks again! Eleanor McKenna