Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nancy Drew is the Culprit

I always wanted to see a fanfic where Nancy Drew is the I figured I would write it! Here's Message in a Haunted Mansion.


"I don't believe it! There must be over a million dollars in here!" Nancy Drew said to herself as she knelt down to look at the treasure trove. She grabbed a handful of gold coins and put them into her purse. Reaching for another handful, she stopped. There were too many coins to fit in her purse. She'd have to put them in her luggage to get them all.

Do I have enough room in my luggage? Nancy wondered. Maybe she'd have to cash in some of the coins here. Or mail the leftover coins to herself, disguising them as something else. Theater props, maybe.

The front door opened. Nancy cursed silently. No one was supposed to be back from the Winter Festival yet! She made a desperate grab for the cover, hoping to hide the coins, but it was too late.

"Nancy? Is that--the treasure!" Louis gasped. "You found it! It's real!"

"Yes," Nancy said unhappily. "It was right under our feet the whole time."

Louis ran over and examined the coins. "I don't believe it! I thought it was just a silly story! These coins must be worth a fortune!"

Nancy sighed. "It was going to be my fortune, before you butted in!" she said. "Now I have to take care of you!"

"Huh?" Louis asked, looking up. "What are you talking about?"

"I found the treasure for myself, not for Rose," Nancy said. "A million dollars would look pretty nice, sitting in my bank account."

"Are...what are you saying?" Louis asked. "I thought you came here to help with the house!"

"I came here, in order to scam Rose!" Nancy said. "Thanks to all the accidents that I've created, Rose is almost at the breaking point. She's going to sell the house to me for dirt cheap, and I can immediately resell it at market value! A brilliant boost for the Drew Family finances! But the gold...hidden's worth so much more!"

"You caused the accidents?!" Louis asked. "But that's impossible!"

"Well, some of the accidents actually were accidents," Nancy said. "But I set the fire in the living room and broke the dumbwaiter. I was going to frame Charlie for it. You know he's living in the basement? Creepy guy. Imagine my surprise when I went up to the attic in order to trash it, and I found clues leading to these secret cache of gold."

"The money doesn't belong to you," Louis said automatically. "It belongs to Rose. This is her house."

"Oh, Louis," Nancy said. "I would have been willing to cut a deal with you. Say, 50% of the profits, in exchange for keeping your mouth shut? But you had to be noble. Now I have to resort to Plan B."

"What's Plan B?" Louis asked fearfully.

Nancy reached into her purse, grabbed the crowbar and smashed Louis in the head. He immediately fell unconscious onto the pile of coins.

"Oh no, Rose!" Nancy pantomimed. "Louis was the culprit the whole time! He was after the treasure hidden under the floorboards! As soon as I found it, he attacked me! But I escaped with...hmmm..."

Nancy looked around and saw the chandelier, almost perfectly lined up above the coins. "I dropped the chandelier on him! It was a daring escape! And it explains that injury on the top of Louis' head. It certainly wasn't from me!"

Nancy quickly set up the scene, disposed of the crowbar, then called for Rose and Abby. The two women were shocked to see Louis' unconscious body underneath the chandelier, lying on top of a pile of gold. At Nancy's request, they called the police and Louis was arrested. He tried to claim he was framed, but no one believed him. Who would? Louis was caught red-handed.

Nancy collected the finder's fee for the gold, but in her opinion, the amount the bank offered was rather pitiful. It wasn't even half of what she wanted! Rose was extremely excited about it, and kept saying that it would be enough to pay for the house renovations. So Nancy cut a deal. She gave the money to Rose, in exchange for 10% of the bed and breakfast's profits for the next fifty years. The business ended up being surprisingly popular, and the deal paid for itself in four years.

Of course, it didn't pay as much as the handful of coins that Nancy had slipped into her purse...


Abby said...

That's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is so intriguing because it kind of makes sense. Nancy COULD have been the culprit, but we weren't inside her head so we couldn't have known. Of course she wasn't, but this was a brilliant idea.