Sunday, December 6, 2015

More on Pokemon

Thanks to all you Pokémon People, for trying to help me. I really like the chart, which is a great mixture of "looks super useful" and "I have no idea what it means". If I'm reading it right, it's saying that fire Pokémon do lots of damage to bug Pokémon. I'm stuck against a meteor enemy, which I'm guessing is a Rock creature, so I should use a Ground or Grass Pokémon.

Is this information in the game manual or something? Or did people just figure out the "which creature beats which creature" rules, after playing over and over again?

I hope that the modern Pokémon games come with this information. Like, at the start of the battle, you get a mini status screen which says, "Your opponent is a Level 4 Rock type! It's weak against Ground and Grass types!" And that way, you can more easily pick which of your five characters is best equipped for the battle. They've got something like that in Fire Emblem. It helps a bit. Or at least, it lets you know ahead of time that Character A is useless for this particular battle, so don't even TRY using them!

I will get back to Pokémon next year, after Winter Break. My channel gets way more views than normal, during Winter Break, and I need to capitalize on that by doing walkthroughs for popular stuff. Pokémon seems popular enough to continue the walkthrough--it's my most popular RPG walkthrough to date--but it's not popular enough to justify doing it during the busiest time of the year, when I get the most views, and advertisers pay the highest rates. I need to try something more popular, a walkthrough that gets views in the thousands, not the hundreds!

So Pokémon is on hold until next year, at which point, I'll check the viewcounts and decide whether or not to continue it. I'll be doing the same thing with Miles Edgeworth 2, Case 2, which is debuting next week.


Anonymous said...

Fire Red and Leaf Green are the only games that come with an in depth tutorial like you're asking for. Otherwise, there are hundreds of Pokemon tutorial walkthrough/tutorial websites you should look at. They'll have the type advantage/disadvantage charts, but most of the time you can figure out the advantage by common sense. Fire is weak against water, but strong against grass. Electric type pokemon are strong against water and flying, but weak against rock, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new Miss Clue will merit posting during the busy season : )

Stripes said...

I'm glad you like the chart :) You are reading it right. I learned from experience mostly, but you can easily look up things on the internet now. I hope you do continue the pokemon walkthrough, it was very funny, and I liked the names.

Not all the gym leader battles will be hard like that, that's an unfortunate side effect of them changing the starter pokemon to Pikachu in that version, but the other things are mostly the same as in Pokemon Red/Blue. The next gym leader will be a lot easier because Pikachu will be good against the water pokemon.

kittens said...

Well, the more recent games offer more tips than some of the older ones, but a lot of the info on type advantages comes from experience...and the Internet. Unfortunately there isn't an information window type thing that gives you the information, so you just have to know what type each Pokemon is, though generally you can tell by looking at them. Each Gym has a particular type so at least for Gyms you can prepare ahead of time and level up the right type Pokemon in your party.

It would be awesome if you continued doing the walkthrough though, it's been fun to watch so far! The Pokemon games are really addictive once you get through the beginning learning stage.