Friday, December 11, 2015

Follow-up to Yesterday

Yesterday, I wrote about my YouTube Channel, and I read all the responses. Here are my thoughts.

First, there's the problem of how much I should post per day. The summer marathon this year was ridiculous, with 2-3 hours per day. That was ridiculous, no one likes that, and no one can watch all that. I keep telling myself to slow down, and then I keep not doing it.

This week's walkthrough is a prime example. I'm doing the second case of Miles Edgeworth 2, and it's being posted at the ridiculous rate of 5 videos per day. Partially because it's very long, and if I did a more acceptable pace like two videos per day, it'd take ten days. Is that too much for people to swallow, if they're not interested in the game?

Someone suggested having alternating walkthroughs, where I switch back and forth between games, each day. That sounds like a good plan to try out! I also want to go back to my old system of having a one or two day break in between walkthroughs.

Another reason I'm rushing the current walkthrough is just bad timing. They announced a new Nancy Drew game this week, and I feel compelled to do a video about it before the end of the week. I'm aiming for Sunday.

On Tuesday, I'm going to play the new Miss Clue game, and that was another thing which was brought up. I rarely play NEW videogames, as in "games that are less than six months old". Is that something people want me to focus on, again? I kind of fell away from doing that, because of my huge videogame backlog, and because whenever I tried to be the first to walkthrough a game, someone else always beat me to the punch.

Fortunately, I'm getting CLOSE to clearing out my backlog. That's a good thing you can say about the summer marathon. It brought by backlog down from 80 games to 15. I'll write about the backlog tomorrow.


Also, to the person who wants me to play the Dark Parables and Mystery Case Files series: To be honest, I don't really like those series all that much. They're all right, but only about a third of their games make me go, "This is really fun! I like this game!". So when I did some Dark Parables walkthroughs this year, I brought Mary to do commentary with me, to hopefully make things more interesting.


Elizabeth Pfeffer said...

That's okay Michael you don't have to play Dark Parables or MCF if you really don't like them that much. I too like the idea of alternating walkthroughs. I hope maybe you can do game reviews for other games that you've played. I also hope Mary can do some more cooking videos.

baby bear said...

I think 4 10 minute videos is fine. Just not like 2-3 hours of posting per day :)

Anonymous said...

I think doing new games is a good idea. EVen if you are not THE first, you are one of the first. Say for Miss Clue, most fans of the game will play it within the first 6 weeks of being released, so you probably will get more hits and new viewers than if you release it six months later, when maybe you only get only people who are already subscribed.

Also did you ever think of watching the old 1970s Nancy Drew tv show, and then commenting over them like Mystery Science Theatre? Those shows are so funny, like in one of them Nancy was kidnapped for like 2 years, and she doesnt really seem to be traumatised or anything. Or maybe you could review the tv series like you do the books. I would watch those! : )

I am not sure about the switching back and forth, i think people may get confused and lose interest. I think most people do binge watching these days. I never watch things in episodes any more cause its too frustrating to wait. I think the way you post several a day , several days in a row is good. If you just put up 10 minutes a day of a game, you forget where you were in the gameplay and just when you get into it, it would stop. it could be annoying and turn people off.