Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Barbie Princess Power

Did I mention Barbie Princess Power is an amazing movie? It's way better than all the other Barbie movies that the six-year-old has made me watch this year. I think I like it, mainly because it's a comedy. There's a lot of slapstick and good one-liners.

Take the main villain, for example. He's an evil Baron, and he's angry because his great-great-grandfather lost the kingdom in a ill-fated game of rock-paper-scissors. That is literally his entire motivation for conquering the kingdom. I laughed.

The story is pretty standard superhero stuff. Girl gets superpowers, girl has to learn how to use superpowers, girl struggles to hide her secret identity from her family and an obsessed reporter. Her jealous cousin finds out her secret, and then the cousin gets superpowers of her own. Barbie and her cousin fight constantly, until they're forced to team up and stop the main villain. Throw in a moral about "working together", and you're done.

Of course, the movie contains a lot of stereotypical Barbie elements, like mandatory cute animals and little sisters that don't really affect the plot. Oh, and she's a princess who dresses in pink all the time. Obviously! Some of those things felt like a parody of typical Barbie movie elements, while some felt like demands from the marketing department. "Sorry, guys, you need to have a scene of her trying on different outfits, so we can sell multiple outfits with the toys."

The main complaints about this movie are the violence. Yeah, there's a lot of danger and fighting in the movie, compared to other Barbie stuff. She's a superhero! I would be disappointed if there wasn't a superhero duel between her and the main villain. Also, people dislike the character design. Barbie looks less realistic, and you might go so far as to say her face looks like it's collapsing in on itself. Maybe that's why they have a hand-drawn picture of her on the DVD cover.

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