Thursday, November 26, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

I might spend the holiday watching football. At the last big family gathering, my wife tried to explain the rules of football to me, before she fell asleep. I now know the rule that the clock stops, whenever the ball goes out of bounds. (Usually.) I'm still not sure why time-stopping quarterbacks never throw the ball directly out of bounds, though. They seem to always throw the ball out, at a slim angle. If your only goal is to get the ball out of bounds, it's more efficient to turn 90 degrees to the side and throw directly ahead.

Maybe this time, Katie can explain the rules on catching. Specifically, when multiple people are jumping to catch the ball. Sometimes, it's against the rules for the two players to even touch each other. Other times, I see the two players more or less slapping each others' hands and punching each other, but the referee doesn't call a penalty. I'd like to hear an explanation for that.

(Hopefully the explanation is not "the one player is a rich, famous superstar, and the other player is a nobody, so we'll let them break the rules". I hate it when they do that in sports.)

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Stephanie said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Katie and Mary!