Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery on Halloween was kind of a mess, because everyone and their mother tried to get pizzas. The average wait time for pizza delivery morphed from forty minutes, to an hour, to an hour and a half. The pizza oven was running at maximum capacity for a few hours straight, but still, it can only cook so many pizzas at a time. Eventually, the store ran out of small pizzas and had to upgrade everyone to a medium, for free.

The number of delivery orders hovered around thirty, for the majority of the night. I got totally gypped for the first hour, and only got assigned single deliveries. All the other drivers got double deliveries at that time.

The weather turned awful, and it started to rain heavily. As in, the main highway flooded in three places. The corner of the block had to be cordoned off by the police for forty minutes, until they were able to drain it. It's not good for drivers, when the police close the main exit to the area.

I was assigned to work from 5 to 8. Around 9, things started slowing down. The list of deliveries was down to ten, but the bad news is that most of the deliveries were refunds. As in, the pizza was too late, so the customer got it for free. I think what happened is that the supervisor got fed up, dealing with complaints. So he just shouted, "FORGET IT! EVERYONE GETS FREE PIZZA! JUST STOP YELLING AT ME!". Then he hid in the corner and cried for a while.

I got to delivery five free/refund pizzas, and it was pretty much the opposite of fun, because you don't get paid tips or reimbursement for those. Plus, there was no attempt to sort the refund pizzas in a logical order. As in, the two out-of-town deliveries were not put together; they were separated by a delivery to the exact opposite end of town, putting an extra forty minutes onto the delivery time.

I finished around 10 PM. 54 miles of driving, but only six deliveries registered in the system, since the refund orders didn't count. Bleck.

The good news is I got some free candy, from the house that got no trick-or-treaters. I also got leftover pizzas, from B----. He ordered pizza for 4:00. He didn't pick it up. At 6, he called and asked to change his order. He didn't pick up his new order, either. So at the end of the night, we had three pizzas for B---- that had been sitting in the warmer for a few hours. I took the pizza home, and I gave it to the teachers at Mary's school. That's what I usually do with leftover pizza. The people at the office love me.

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Emily said...

Everyone I know who worked at a pizza place always said Halloween was the busiest day of the year and kind of a nightmare if your store doesn't prep right.

Apparently Valentine's Day is pretty bad too, but that might be because the biggest pizza chain by me is known for making heart shaped pizzas that day.