Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Nancy Drew Rival

I've read two Hardy Boys books, where the Hardys have to go up against rivals. In the one Hardy Boys book, the rivals were basically social rivals. That is, they were just like the Hardys, only cooler and more popular. All the Hardys' friends started hanging out with the new guys; Frank and Joe got sad and lonely, and they felt like they were replaced. It was a good premise, but badly written; everyone in that book comes off as a huge jerk, EXCEPT for the rival characters.

The other rival Hardy Boys book I read was one of the supermysteries, where two teenagers frame Frank and Joe for bank robbery. The teenagers were more or less evil clones of the Hardy Boys. They looked and acted like the Hardys, and they were just as obsessed with being strong and manly.

Yesterday, I talked about Nancy Drew's rivals, who are basically more nasty, incompetent versions of Nancy. And I wonder, why do the Hardy Boys get competent rivals, while Nancy Drew doesn't? It would be interesting to see Nancy go up against a competent rival. I can think of some possibilities.

#1. The smart girl. Nancy's rival is smart, and she notices clues before Nancy does. Or she notices clues that Nancy overlooks, much to Nancy's chagrin. But Nancy is still a better detective, because she does a better job of fitting clues together and figuring out the big picture.

#2. The tough girl. Basically, 1980's Nancy Drew. I want see her be the rival of 1930's Nancy Drew.

#3. The clone. Just like those Hardy Boys rivals, a girl who acts disturbingly similar to Nancy. I don't think I've ever seen Nancy interact with someone who's just like her. If I was writing a book like this, I'd have Clone Nancy become friends with Bess and George, but I'd make it so she hates Ned with a passion. I think that could be interesting.

Do you readers have any ideas for a Nancy Drew rival? Or do you think Deirdre Shannon is good enough competition for our detective hero?


The Red Wolf said...

I like your third suggestion for Nancy's rival. Clone Nancy hating Ned sounds great, lol. Instead of liking Ned, she could prefer Frank or even Joe.
Nancy and Clone Nancy would investigate the same crime but from different angles and eventually meet-up. Both Nancy and Clone Nancy would be head-strong and so used to being the leader, that they would annoy each other and get into the other one's way, accidentally letting the culprit(s) escape. Nancy and Clone Nancy would have to work together to catch them again. It'd be hard having 2 dominant heroines in a series, so Clone Nancy would probably leave town or something and only meet-up with Nancy on occasion.

Anonymous said...

Arglefumph, have you ever played the original Pokemon games? The rival in that game has a somewhat one-sided dynamic, but is done so well it is incredibly gratifying to beat him and a good aspect of those games.

But one of the only times I've seen you mention Pokemon was when talking about how the other person in your high school who owned a Gameboy only used it for Pokemon, so...have you every attempted to play, or have an opinion on, Pokemon games?

lence said...

I really like #1.

@TheRedWolf ha ha - ''or EVEN Joe''!!

Abby said...

I think you should write a Nancy Drew book and add a worth-while rival, like the clone one. It would be awesome!