Monday, November 2, 2015

Nancy Drew Files 17

I'm writing a review for Nancy Drew Files 17: Stay Tuned for Danger, and for the life of me, I can't think of a delicate way to describe.

Handsome soap star Rick Arlen has sex with Nancy's friend Bess.

One of the publisher's rules for 1980's Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys was "no sex". The closest we get are scenes where two characters start to make out, and then the book mysteriously skips ahead a few hours, which happened in Casefiles 127 and Files 4. But in Files 17, the ghostwriter is pretty blatant about Bess and Rick's physical relationship. She spends the entire night with Rick, coming back around 5 AM, and she's gushing about how great it was and how his muscles are rock hard.

I suspect that the only reason this scene got past the censors is because Bess mentions one or two of the places Rick took her. That way, the author could hide behind the excuse of "all they did was visit places together!". But given Bess and Rick's steamy kiss, and the fact that Bess spends the next ten hours asleep with a cheese-eating grin on her face...yeah, I'm pretty sure Rick did more than take Bess to see the Statue of Liberty.

I don't know how to discuss this in my review, without explicitly mentioning sex, so I'm just going to gloss over it. Sort of like the scene in the rewrite of Nancy Drew 3, where Nancy and her friends get their clothes wet. So they break into someone's house, strip down and chat for a few hours, while their clothes dry.


Emily said...

I always found the part of the video game where Rick tells Nancy to get comfortable and wait for him in his dressing room to be pretty creepy.
Knowing this is how Rick behaves in the books makes it even creepier.

Anonymous said...

Wow wouldn't have thought it would come to this. Those Nancy Drew Files...

Trisha Gaurav said...

They had sex at multiple places?