Thursday, November 19, 2015

Game Endings

I'm still working on Cat President, my dating sim that focuses on cats and Presidential elections.

I'm not an expert on dating sims or anything, but I think it's standard for games to have three endings per pathway. You have the bad ending, the good ending, and the special ending, which is the exact same thing as the good ending, only they added a second scene at the end.

I don't like it when a game has multiple, near-identical endings. So with Cat President and the other games I've written, I'm making an effort to have every ending be different. It was easy to have unique endings with Francy Droo. Each of the four suspects got one ending, where they were the culprit.

With Cat President, it's more difficult. It feels like I have to write the same ending, three times in a row. Now, it's relatively simple to write a bad ending where things end poorly. But as for a "good" ending and "special" ending...what's the difference? They're both good endings, it's is better than the other? How do you qualify what counts as "better"?

The more different two endings are, the harder it is to make a judgment call. For example, I like the bad Dr. Nom-Noms ending best, and I prefer Thunderpaw's good ending to his "special" ending.

I think I want to imitate the Sushi Rangers dating sim, where if you unlock an ending, you unlock all the easier endings. That is, if you get the best ending, you automatically unlock the other endings, too. I went through all the trouble of making multiple endings; people should be able to see them all without having to repeat the entire game.

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