Monday, November 30, 2015

Chicken and Rice Casserole

One of the recipes I tried out last week was a chicken and rice casserole. My casserole book says it was made by Helen Watts. The Internet tells me that she died last year. Now I'm hesitant to look up any more of the names in my old cookbooks.

You're supposed to mix a can of mushroom soup, chicken soup and celery soup, along with a lot of butter. As in, more than a stick. I just used whatever butter was left over in the fridge. Also, I don't have celery soup, so I used about a quarter can of chicken broth. You cook all them together in a saucepan, until they're smooth.

Then you add a cup of rice. This is basically your dipping sauce. Not really. I messed up the recipe. I thought you were supposed to dip the chicken breasts in the sauce mixture, then cook it in the oven. Turns out, you're supposed to fill the casserole dish with the soup stuff, then put the chicken on top of it. That makes more sense, because otherwise, you've got a lot of leftover soup.

You coat the chicken tops with butter and paprika. I still don't know how to sprinkle with paprika. It came off in huge globs.

You cook the thing at 275 degrees for two and a half hours.

The casserole ended up being kind of bad, in that the chicken had no taste to it whatsoever. I guess I cooked it wrong. The soup mixture is good, though. If I wanted to make soup by itself, that would not be a bad way to go about it! It's too bad the chicken didn't absorb the taste.

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1CookieCrumbles said...

I should not say something about her death attributing to bland chicken, so I won't.
-Joanna :)