Monday, November 23, 2015

Brenda Carlton

I've been reading the Nancy Drew Files series recently, and I just realized that Brenda Carlton hasn't shown up in a long time.

Brenda is supposed to be Nancy's big rival. She's basically the 1980's equivalent of Deirdre Shannon; both of them are selfish, spoiled rich brats who mess up Nancy's investigations. They're the same age as Nancy. Brenda was in Books 1, 4 and 10. She also appears in some of the 8-year-old Nancy Drew books.

I find it interesting that both of Nancy's rivals are incompetent. Brenda is a bumbling idiot, who likes to think that she's a great detective. Deirdre couldn't detect her way out of a paper bag. I guess the series didn't want to give Nancy any legitimate competition, when it comes to mystery-solving.

Kind of a lost opportunity there. I mean, half of Brenda's storylines are her, challenging Nancy to a mystery-solving competition. You know, "I bet I can solve the mystery before you do!". But outside of issuing challenges, Brenda doesn't seem interested in solving mysteries. Neither does Deirdre. What's the point of having a rival, who doesn't actually compete with you? Seems strange.

Book 20 takes place at the local newspaper, and I kept expecting Brenda to show up, 'cause that's where she works. Nope, she's not in the book at all. I sure hope they haven't written her out of the series. She was an interesting character. Well, kind of.

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The Red Wolf said...

I don't read very many Nancy Drew series outside of the originals so I didn't know Brenda was in the books as opposed to being created by Herinteractive for Alibi in Ashes.
I'm glad Herinteractive changed Brenda for the game. From your description of the book version, she does seem a bit pointless. I love Nancy, but it's better if she's given a worthy opponent. Maybe the books are trying to mirror reality by showing the annoying people Nancy has to deal with :)