Sunday, November 22, 2015

Book Reviews

I mentioned book reviews two days ago. Well, here are two more book reviews! As kinda promised, the one is shorter than the other. That didn't work out so well, actually. Having a short recap just means there's more stuff I want to discuss in the post-book followup.

I've written reviews for Nancy Drew Files 16-19, but I haven't turned them into videos yet. The plan is to stick with the original Nancy Drew series for a while, before going back to 1980's Nancy Drew. How many of the original Nancy Drews should I review, before switching to another series?


baby bear said...

hmm do you know where the author switches because maybe that would be a good place?

Emily said...

I think the complaint about the book reviews was that the written summaries in your blog are a bit long. The video length is fine (at least in my opinion).

Anonymous said...

I think you should do like one or two more before going to 1980's Nancy Drew. I also suggest reading #17 in the original series. It's my favorite one.