Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I feel like I've been neglecting this blog, recently, because of all the writing I've done for Cat President. Have you readers felt that way? Is there anything I can do or write about, to improve things here?


Allie said...

You've blogged every day this week! I don't think you should worry about it

Unknown said...

Completely off topic...I was playing League of Light, Silent Mountain and the female role is voiced by none other than the original Nancy Drew voice actress we all know and love! I was so excited and wanted to tell you all.

Stephanie said...

I'll be blunt with my OPINIONS.

I read your blog because some of the topics are interesting.

My biggest issue is that you very rarely engage with the commentators. Occasionally you'll ask what your readers think of a topic but you never interact. Occasionally someone will ask a specific question and you never answer. I realize that you can't spend all day responding, but it appears that you're not interested in what your readers think.

I don't care for your 'here's the videos of my walk through of blah, blah, blah game, because with the exception of Nancy Drew, I don't play games. But - I know that that's your thing so I get it.

Your book Nancy Drew book reviews are too long and I suspect that there are few people who are really interested.

I enjoy your blogs on religion, cooking, daily life and general topics. I really like Katie and Mary and enjoy when they pop in.

Aaron M. Fugate said...

^ Well, you asked, Michael.