Friday, November 20, 2015

Blogging Followup

So here's a comment I got on the post I made two days ago.

I'll be blunt with my OPINIONS.

I read your blog because some of the topics are interesting.

My biggest issue is that you very rarely engage with the commentators. Occasionally you'll ask what your readers think of a topic but you never interact. Occasionally someone will ask a specific question and you never answer. I realize that you can't spend all day responding, but it appears that you're not interested in what your readers think.

I don't care for your 'here's the videos of my walk through of blah, blah, blah game, because with the exception of Nancy Drew, I don't play games. But - I know that that's your thing so I get it.

Your book Nancy Drew book reviews are too long and I suspect that there are few people who are really interested.

I enjoy your blogs on religion, cooking, daily life and general topics. I really like Katie and Mary and enjoy when they pop in.

I think Stephanie's got a point. I'm more interested in hearing what people have to say, than I am in having a conversation. I know a few years ago, I tried to have a series of response posts, and it just turned into a mess, because there were response posts to response posts, and people who jumped in halfway through the conversation, and I dunno. Blogger is NOT the ideal forum for having a conversation.

Livestreaming sometimes works for a Q and A--I did one of those recently--but there are problems with that, too. Like when someone spams the chat with the same question twelve times, even though it was already answered. And if there are too many people in the chat, conversation is impossible. And it looks like the livestream chat STILL doesn't get auto-saved by YouTube. Sad.

The "here's the latest video walkthrough I did" posts can be boring, but they're here to stay. Mainly because it's super-easy to write those posts, but also because that was the original purpose of the blog: cross-promotion.

Book review blog posts--again, that's something I do because it's easy. I mean, I have the review written out for the video. It's super easy to just copy/paste them as blog posts. I agree that they're super-long, compared to all my other blog posts. I dunno. Maybe it's my background as an English minor, but I'm inclined to write a TON of stuff for book reviews. My first draft of every book review is usually 2-3 times as long as the finished copy, although I'm getting better at summarizing, instead of mentioning every single little thing that happens.


baby bear said...

No; I love the length of your book reviews. Those are some of my favorite videos on the arglefumph channel along with the time you failed miserably at golf (I laughed until I cried watching those). Don't shorten them

Anonymous said...

Same here! I love your book reviews!

Juliette said...

I love your book reviews! They're some of my favorite videos on your channel, and I always watch them as soon as they come out.