Saturday, October 3, 2015

YouTube Schedule

This week, I'm releasing more videos for Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I've recorded videos 14-20. I think I'm six videos away from finishing the game, so I might just go ahead and do a second week of videos. It depends on whether or not I can record the videos in time.

After that, I've got a walkthrough for Miss Clue: Formula for Danger. That's 27 videos long, so I'll probably release three videos a day, for nine days.

Next on the list is Detective Barbie and one of the Nancy Drew DS games. I figured out how to record Detective Barbie! Kind of. Only the video will record. I'll have to record the audio separately, which will hopefully not be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Are you doing a livestream today?

Stephanie said...

Michael, this has absolutely nothing to do with your topic but I would appreciate your opinion on this article that I just read. This totally confuses me.


Максим Купцов said...

Do you have a DS or do you play on the emulator?