Thursday, October 8, 2015

Three Things Thursday - Internet

Comcast sent us a letter, saying how to get the best Internet speeds from our router.

First, don't put the router by a window. Half of the Internet goes out the window and doesn't help you. So...routers send out Internet signals in all direction? Is there any way to set up my computer as a beacon, so it sends all the Internet in that direction, instead of sending it out equally in all directions?

Second, don't put the router by a TV. The TV will interfere with it. That's great advice, Comcast, but you drilled the special Internet router hole right next to the TV so we could get digital cable. Or something like that? Anyway, the point I'm making is that every house I've seen with Comcast (all two of them) has the specially-installed router hole right by the TV. Why would you do that, if it makes Internet slow?

Third, don't use your computer in a room other than the room with the router. Internet slows down, if it has to go through walls. Again, that's great advice, if I wasn't forced to keep the router right by the TV. Most people don't keep computer desks under their TV. If I could move the router, I'd set it up on the end of my computer desk, to get maximum Internet speed.


Anonymous said...

Don't listen to anything Comcast says. They said that our internet problems were because our router was messed up and we went through a bunch before they admitted the problem was on their end. We switched to Verizon and havent had a problem since.

Katie Nelson said...

When I saw internet I was like: ohhhh internet problems I hate that...I wonder what company Michael uses...and then I saw Comcast. Comcast is pretty much known for being one of/the worst internet provider/s ever. Lol trust me, this other youtuber complains about it all the time, the worst part: there are no other internet providers in his area, meaning he's stuck with it XD. Although I suggest you switch providers.

Anonymous said...

i had comcast for years and it would take my laptop ALWAYS about 15-20 minutes before my computer would connect to the WiFi. i almost got a new computer, but then i moved to at&T and ever since my WiFi on my laptop works immediately and has much better speeds. i think comcast still mostly uses old equipment for their internet, while other providers use a mix of new and old equipment.